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Who We Are

Osmosis Group is a leading Asian investment, advisory and technology company with businesses in Financial Services/Fintech, Digital Marketing/New Media, AI, Smart Cities, Blockchain/Digital Assets and Biotech.

Our businesses across the new economy forms a unique foundation for us to capture unprecedented opportunities unleashed from an era of new technological, economic and social changes.

This combined with our ability to invest our capital, extensive digital economy ecosystem and solutions to partner with you in growing your business in the new economy, sets us apart from other investment management and technology companies.

What We Do

- Advisory & Capital Markets

- Venture Capital & Private Equity

- Fintech and Digital Asset Solutions

- Digital Marketing and New Media

- Biotechnology

Business Portfolio and Partners

Venture Capital and Private Equity

Corporate Advisory and Capital Markets

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Digital Marketing and New Media

Biotechnology and Future of Health and Wellness

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New Economy and Digital Solutions

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